Mergers, Aquisitions, Divestitures, & Corporate Finance

SK Divestitures Group Inc.


Buy & Sell


If you wish to purchase an industry related business we assist with,

  1. Identifying acquistion opportunities that best fit your quantitive, qualitative, fundamental and technical interests.
  2. We can perform a complete due diligence with qualified professionals.
  3. We assist with pre-acquisition synergies such as economies of scale, depth of management, market analysis as well as post acquisition synergies and going forward methodology.
  4. Our corporate Finance division can assist with acquisition and finance modelling.
  5. We assist first time buyers upward of 10m in search of a business opportunity.
  6. If your business desires to expand into other markets or opportunities or diversify we provide opportunities through the segmented approach.
  7. We can provide full due diligence information.


We create a highly confidential selling process,

We prepare your business to be sales ready,

  1.  We complete a Chartered Business Evaluation or Enterprise value that stands up to scrutiny with potential acquirers.
  2. We develop a divestiture package and professional presentation to support the sale of your business.
  3. We work with the buyer's professional team to insure they get accurate and complete information so all parties can complete the process in a timely manner.
  4. We pre-qualify buyers to avoid tire kickers and curiosity seekers before we source confidential information.
  5. We have tax and legal specialists that work with you to determine your best interest regarding timing, tax, etc.
  6. We have a global reach and can source international interest. This provides a greater buying market.
  7. We employ our Segmentation / targeting methodology to attract a buyer and research with the advanced analytics research process.
  8. In normal circumstances all of the above is coverered by our industry standard fees. There are a few exceptions that we will discuss in our no cost pre engagement meeting.